December 2010: Yearly wrapup

• 2010 is done and VAERS reports continue to appear in near-record numbers.
• There are many reasons for the high number of VAERS reports.
• Over the past two years, nearly half of all VAERS reports have been associated with the Flu vaccines! . . . → Read More

November 2010: H1N1 Flu and miscarriages

• Does the H1N1 flu vaccine cause miscarriages?
• VAERS data shows that many more miscarriages are associated with H1N1 than with the Seasonal Flu vaccine.
• But the vaccine associated with the most miscarriages is Gardasil! . . . → Read More

October 2010: HPV and H1N1 Flu

• The first report of a boy dying after a Gardasil vaccination.
• New data on H1N1 Flu from a foreign country: 14 more vaccine-related deaths. . . . → Read More

September 2010: Flu season preview

• Seasonal Flu events are starting their regular yearly spike.
• Last year’s Flu season was the worst to date thanks to H1N1 scares.
• Why is this year looking even worse? . . . → Read More

August 2010: Onset intervals

• Analysis of onset intervals shows how long it may take for an adverse reaction to appear.
• The varicella vaccine (chicken pox) can take years to cause an adverse reaction. . . . → Read More

July 2010: Countries that banned H1N1 Flu vaccine

• This season’s flu shot will include last year’s H1N1 strain.
• But some countries have banned the H1N1 flu vaccine.
• VAERS data shows that these countries are right: their reasons for banning H1N1 are happening here! . . . → Read More

June 2010: Autism and VAERS data

• Autism rates are growing all the time.
• Is there a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism?
• VAERS data shows a strong connection! . . . → Read More

May 2010: VAERS maps and state population

• Making a map of the number of VAERS events tells you very little, because more events happen in highly-populated states.
• Adjusting the map to show VAERS events per person shows interesting patterns.
• One correlation in the patterns is that as the number of hospitals goes up, more vaccine reactions are filed! . . . → Read More

April 2010: Getting multiple vaccines at one time

• Doctors like to give you all your shots at once instead of making you come back for each one.
• But VAERS data suggests that this is worse for your health. . . . → Read More

March 2010: Flu-related VAERS events and age

• The CDC recommends a yearly Flu shot for certain age groups.
• However, VAERS data suggests adjustments to those recommendations. . . . → Read More

February 2010: MedAlerts vs. CDC Wonder

• Two different search engines present the VAERS data to you.
• If you don’t pay close attention, CDC Wonder will ignore 10% of the data! . . . → Read More

January 2010: Yearly wrapup

• A look at 2009 and the previous 20 years of VAERS data collection.
• What is causing the spike in reports for the past three years? . . . → Read More