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October 2009: HPV and Flu #3

H1N1 Flu

Let me start by showing you a graph of the growth of H1N1 Flu reports since the beginning of October when the vaccine was released. VAERS reports associated with it have been rising steadily. This information comes from a combination of Medalerts and CDC Wonder. As of November 24, there are 3889 reports associated with H1N1 Flu and 17 deaths (this is from Wonder).

Seasonal Flu

But what about the Seasonal Flu vaccinations? In the last two monthly reports, I showed graphs predicting the worst year for Flu-related reports in the 20 years of VAERS data collection. October's reports clearly show this trend becoming more pronounced:

The graph shows the number of reports associated with Flu vaccines administered during a given month. The alarming line is the red one on the right (September 2009). This line is 5 times higher than it has ever been during September (1949 this year as opposed to the previous high of 357 last year).

You might think that the October (blue) line is not very high, but keep in mind that the month has just ended, and many people vaccinated during the month have probably not yet filed a report. Last month, there were just 1000 reports for September and since then that number has doubled. So October, which currently shows 1738 reports, promises to break through the top of the graph.

HPV (Gardasil and Cervarix)

Finally, a continued update on the VAERS reports associated with the HPV vaccines. October had another 241 reports, 5% of the reports for the month. Don't be fooled by the low percentage: October had 4930 reports, more than twice the normal amount for any given month. And the worst news is that there are now 57 deaths associated with HPV vaccinations (although CDC Wonder shows 58 right now).

Even more interesting is the appearance of a new HPV vaccine: Cervarix from Glaxo Smith Kline (code name HPV2). This vaccine is listed in a new report that describes a 14-year-old girl who died within hours of getting Cervarix.

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