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From the 1/7/2022 release of VAERS data:

Found 63,827 cases where Vaccine targets Varicella (MMRV or VARCEL) and Vaccination Date from '1998-01-01' to '2017-12-31'

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Event OutcomeAgeCountPercent
Death44-65 Years10%
Death75+ Years10%
Permanent Disability65-75 Years10%
Permanent Disability75+ Years10%
Hospitalized, ProlongedUnknown10%
Birth Defect< 3 Years10%
Birth Defect3-6 Years10%
Death6-9 Years20%
Death12-17 Years20%
Emergency Doctor/Room44-65 Years20%
Hospitalized, Prolonged6-9 Years20%
Hospitalized, Prolonged44-65 Years20%
Birth Defecttotal20%
Life Threatening75+ Years20%
Death9-12 Years30%
Emergency Doctor/Room6-9 Years40.01%
Emergency Doctor/Room9-12 Years50.01%
Hospitalized75+ Years50.01%
Hospitalized, Prolonged9-12 Years50.01%
Life Threatening44-65 Years50.01%
Death17-44 Years60.01%
Hospitalized65-75 Years60.01%
Emergency Doctor/RoomUnknown80.01%
Permanent Disability44-65 Years90.01%
Office VisitUnknown90.01%
Emergency Doctor/Room12-17 Years90.01%
Hospitalized, Prolonged17-44 Years90.01%
Permanent DisabilityUnknown120.02%
Office Visit6-9 Years120.02%
Life ThreateningUnknown120.02%
Death3-6 Years140.02%
Office Visit9-12 Years140.02%
Office Visit44-65 Years150.02%
Hospitalized, Prolonged12-17 Years160.03%
Office Visit12-17 Years170.03%
Recovered75+ Years180.03%
Permanent Disability6-9 Years190.03%
Permanent Disability9-12 Years220.03%
Hospitalized, Prolonged3-6 Years220.03%
Life Threatening9-12 Years220.03%
Emergency Doctor/Room17-44 Years230.04%
Emergency Room75+ Years280.04%
Hospitalized44-65 Years280.04%
Life Threatening17-44 Years340.05%
Permanent Disability12-17 Years360.06%
Permanent Disability17-44 Years440.07%
Emergency Room65-75 Years450.07%
Life Threatening6-9 Years460.07%
Life Threatening12-17 Years460.07%
Not Serious75+ Years540.08%
Recovered65-75 Years600.09%
Hospitalized, Prolonged< 3 Years770.12%
Permanent Disability3-6 Years800.13%
Emergency Doctor/Room3-6 Years860.13%
Office Visit17-44 Years880.14%
Hospitalized9-12 Years900.14%
Hospitalized6-9 Years930.15%
Not Serious65-75 Years1120.18%
Death< 3 Years1130.18%
Hospitalized17-44 Years1270.2%
Emergency Doctor/Room< 3 Years1320.21%
Hospitalized, Prolongedtotal1340.21%
Hospitalized12-17 Years1500.24%
Life Threatening3-6 Years1560.24%
Office Visit3-6 Years2320.36%
Emergency Doctor/Roomtotal2690.42%
Emergency Room44-65 Years2900.45%
Office Visit< 3 Years3160.5%
Life Threatening< 3 Years3260.51%
Recovered44-65 Years3640.57%
Permanent Disability< 3 Years3940.62%
Not Serious44-65 Years4070.64%
Hospitalized3-6 Years4400.69%
Emergency RoomUnknown5680.89%
Permanent Disabilitytotal6180.97%
Life Threateningtotal6491.02%
Office Visittotal7031.1%
Not Serious6-9 Years7731.21%
Not Serious9-12 Years1,0331.62%
Emergency Room6-9 Years1,1681.83%
Not Serious12-17 Years1,2371.94%
Hospitalized< 3 Years1,4912.34%
Emergency Room9-12 Years1,5062.36%
Emergency Room12-17 Years1,6592.6%
Recovered6-9 Years1,6682.61%
Not Serious17-44 Years1,9183%
Emergency Room17-44 Years2,0843.27%
Recovered9-12 Years2,4733.87%
Recovered17-44 Years2,7294.28%
Recovered12-17 Years2,9594.64%
Not Serious3-6 Years4,3406.8%
Not SeriousUnknown5,2968.3%
Emergency Room3-6 Years5,5088.63%
Not Serious< 3 Years5,6438.84%
Recovered3-6 Years8,37613.12%
Emergency Room< 3 Years9,78015.32%
Recovered< 3 Years12,95720.3%
Not Serioustotal20,81332.61%
Emergency Roomtotal22,63635.46%
TOTAL† 80,667† 126.38%
† Because some cases have multiple vaccinations and symptoms, a single case can account for multiple entries in this table. This is the reason why the Total Count is greater than 63827 (the number of cases found), and the Total Percentage is greater than 100.

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