November, 2012: Vaccines with High VAERS Rates

• Dosage data lets us see the rate of VAERS reports for each vaccine.
• Many vaccines with high rates have been eliminated.
• One high-rate vaccine remains: rabies. . . . → Read More

September, 2012: Age and the Risk of Death

• An analysis of the age of people who report vaccine injuries.
• Most reports coincide with CDC recommended ages for vaccinations.
• But injuries that result in death happen most commonly in the first six months of life. . . . → Read More

June, 2012: The VAERS Wayback Machine

• Introducing a new feature: the VAERS Wayback Machine.
• The Wayback Machine tracks changes to the VAERS database.
• Now everyone can monitor the government’s changes to the data. . . . → Read More

May, 2012: The Anthrax Vaccine

• A look at the Anthrax vaccine.
• CDC claims that there is no evidence of long-term health problems.
• But VAERS data shows significant long-term health issues. . . . → Read More

February, 2012: The Limits of VAERS

• A look at the scientific validity of VAERS.
• VAERS data can identify trends but cannot prove them.
• So use these VAERS blog reports with caution and understanding. . . . → Read More

January, 2012: Seizures and 5-in-1 Vaccines

• A JAMA article links the 5-in-1 combination shot Pentacel with seizures.
• A search of VAERS shows that the 5 components are linked to seizures.
• And another 5-in-1 vaccine, Pediarix, also shows VAERS seizure symptoms. . . . → Read More