December, 2013: Yearly wrapup

• A yearly wrapup of VAERS data with an eye on deaths following vaccination.
• The number of VAERS reports are high again this year.
• The number of deaths in VAERS is also high, and growing for the HPV vaccine. . . . → Read More

October, 2013: Narcolepsy

• Narcolepsy was linked with the 2009 Flu vaccine in Europe.
• The CDC asserts that it did not affect people in the United States.
• VAERS data suggests that this is not true. . . . → Read More

July, 2013: Recovery

• An examination of VAERS reports where the patient did not recover.
• The Lyme vaccine is the worst, but has been pulled from the market.
• The Shingles, Anthrax, and HPV vaccines show high rates of non-recovery. . . . → Read More

April, 2013: Symptoms of Flu and HPV

• An examination of the types of symptoms typically found.
• The Flu vaccine is typical of all VAERS symptoms.
• The HPV vaccine is not typical and shows spikes in certain symptom categories. . . . → Read More

January, 2013: Yearly wrapup

• A yearly summary of VAERS reports.
• Once again, the number of reports is going down.
• One vaccine has increased: shingles. . . . → Read More